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Internal Communication & Resistance to Change

Internal Communication & Resistance to Change
Wednesday 13 November 2019
Internal Communication & Resistance to Change
PROOF, Veemarkt 131, Amsterdam
Welcome from 15:00

Resistance to change and the importance of internal activation
It’s a cliché, yes. We know. However, change really is a constant. Many organizations are focusing on implementing various changes, ranging from all-encompassing transformation programs to seemingly simple changes like implementing a new software tool. Although change is a common and regular phenomenon, most of them still fail. Why? People should welcome change, should welcome something that would make their lives easier. Right? So, why is it that so organization still struggle to activate their internal audiences to embrace change and motivate them to work together towards a successful outcome?

During the upcoming EACD event on Wednesday November 13th in The Netherlands we’ll dive deeper into these and other questions with some of the thought leaders on change, diversity and inclusion and internal communication and activation:

Bea Aarnoutse
Bea Aarnoutse is managing director of PROOF and has more than twenty years of management experience on both the agency and client side. Author of the book Alignment 2.0. She is an expert in the field of internal and employer branding. With her agency she won many national and international awards in recent years.

Astrid Balsink
Astrid Balsink was appointed Global Director Inclusion & Diversity at Philips earlier this year. Previously, she worked as a communications director for DSM, DLL and Nike, among others. Among her goals at Philips is to enable people to work together based on the power of difference. Adopting diversity is one thing; ensuring this diversity is heard in a regular staff meeting is something else. The key is to create a culture in which people feel respected. A culture that embraces differences and has clear shared goals to which everyone can contribute. Because only then do you enjoy the high-performance benefits that come from having diverse teams. And only then do employees become brand ambassadors.

Mike Klein
An author, consultant and one of the most prolific Internal Communications writers today, Mike Klein brings a real strategic edge and a deep professional passion to the field. A twenty-year veteran who has worked with large organizations like Shell, Cargill, Maersk, Avery Dennison, the US Federal Government and easyJet Airlines, Mike is the Principal of Changing The Terms (www.changingtheterms) a consulting practice based in Delft in the Netherlands. A US/UK dual national, Mike has lived and worked across the US and Europe and has been 2018-2019 EMENA Regional Chair for IABC

 The event will take place on Wednesday, November 13 at PROOF in Amsterdam. Please have a look below for the full details.

When:                 November 13, 2019

Where:                 PROOF
Veemarkt 131 in Amsterdam


                                15:00                    Walk in

                                15:30                    Welcome & start of presentations

                                17:30                    Wrap up & start of drinks reception

In case you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to regional coordinators Nanne Bos or Veronique van Ede


We hope to see you on November 13.


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 Regional Coordinators EACD NL
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