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Working Group Meeting "Risk & Crisis Communications"

Wednesday 09 July 2014
EACD Working Group "Risk & Crisis Communications"
The Square Meeting Centre

The EACD Working Group "Risk & Crisis Communications" will meet on occasion of the EACD Kick-Off on July 9th 2014, the day before the European Communication Summit 2014. The meeting will take place from 15.00 to 17.30.
Our Working Group “Risk & Crisis Communications” will host a meeting with a case study and Q&A session on the topic of “Food Fraud and Consumer Confidence”. Crisis communications is a crucial part of every company’s communication and is an imperative part of reputation management. This workshop reflects on a recent case and developments in the field of risk and crisis communications, and aims to offer food-for-thought for the prevention and mitigation of crises.
We look forward to welcoming our speakers:
- Working Group Coordinator, Philip Springuel, Director of Communications, European Food Information Council
- Shahar Silbershatz, Head of EMEA Advisory Services, The Reputation Institute
Topic: food fraud and consumer confidence: case study, Q&A, lessons learned:

The Horsemeat Fraud in Europe, what happened?! (15 minutes): Philip Springuel

What effects on consumer confidence? Panel discussion and Q&A (40 minutes): With Shahar Silbershatz

Conclusions/Lessons learned (5 minutes)