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Nanne Bos
Head of Global Brand Management
Lina Jakučionienė
Head of Corporate Communication in the Baltic States
Axel Schafmeister
Managing Director
Laetitia Tonel
Head of Communications
Cathrine Torp
EVP Communications
Phil Riggins
Julie Shield
Quality & Regulatory Communications Director
Lars Seynaeve
Director Public Affairs, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands & EU Media Relations
Kristian Hvilen
Managing Partner
Dennis Larsen
Managing Partner
Inge Wallage
Managing Director
Nicole Wesch
Head Technology Communications
Henriette Viebig
Head of Group Corporate Communications
Lavinia Toma
Communication Strategist
Christoph Sieder
Head of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs
Andy Pharoah
Vice President
Ger Peerboom
Independent Consultant
Atte Palomäki
Executive Vice President
Blanca Palao
Head of Customer Experience
Terry O´Connor
Head of Communications
Shweta Kulkarni
Head Internal Communications
Viviane Huybrecht
General Manager Corporate Communication
Jonathan Graham
Senior Manager Global Communications
Luis Gonzalez Canomanuel
President & CEO
Yvan Deurbroeck
Global Vice President Communications, Digital and Congresses
Phil Askham
Global Head of Employee Communications
Peter Allen
Executive Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications
Arzu Deniz Aksoy
Head of Communications & Government Relations
Thierry Nicolet
Senior VP Press Relations
Louis De Schorlemer
Managing communications in M&A, Entrepreneur, Board Member, MBA
Oliver Herrgesell
Senior Vice President Corporate Communications
Katie Owens
Information and communication officer
Erik S. Meyers
Head of Global Communications Performance Chemicals
Adrian Britten
Global Director of Brand & Communications
Philippe Borremans
Rosanne Van Poelvoorde
Programme Manager JV Communications (a.i.)
Rui Veras
Communications Director
Marc Cloosterman
Chief Executive Officer
Michael Pietig
Head of Corporate Marketing
Lars Bolle
Vice President
Irene Van Luijken
Communications Director
Virginia Lee
Director of Communications
Kelsey Hunter
EMEA Communications Manager
Laetitia Tonel
Head of Communications
Carina Hauswald
Managing Partner
Axel Schafmeister
Alfonso González Herrero
Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs and External Communications
Sanja Burg
Corporate Communications Director
Andrea Brbaklic
Head of Communications Department & Spokeswoman
Irina Arkhipova
Director of Public Relations & Communications
Radu Rotaru
Communication Business Partner & CSE Coordinator Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova
Sofia Zainea
Public Relations & Communications Manager
Rui Martins
Corporate Communication and Public Affairs Director
Ewa Rzeczkowska
Press spokesman, Senior Manager, Clients and Markets
Torund Bryhn
Managing Director
Veronique van Ede
Corporate Communication Representative
Frank Körver
Eleonora Albijanic
Corporate Communications Manager
Philipp Von Restorff
Head of Communications
Dagnija Lejina
Senior Partner
Marco Magli
Communications & External Relations Director
Paul Hayes
Irén Márta
Managing Director
Dimitris Venetidis
Head of Corporate Communications and Social Responsibility
Martha Theodorou
Chargée de Mission on Communication, Head of International & Public Relations
Martin Camphausen
Director Healthcare / Procurator
Anke Maibach
Director of Communications Central Europe
Markku Herrala
Director, Public and Media Relations
Eero Loonurm
Head of Communications
Anders Monrad Rendtorff
Associate Partner
Irena Šarić Dombaj
Corporate Communication Manager
Vanya Babanin
Global Director Corporate Communication
Arlinda Çausholli
Director Communication Department
Kim DeBrass
Head of Communications / Member of Management Team
Shweta Kulkarni Van Biesen
Head of Internal Communications
Edna Ayme-Yahil
Corporate Head of Marketing and Communications
Ida Gutiérrez de Escofet
Indepent advisor Communications & Corporate Affairs
Angela Howarth
Group Director Marketing Communications
Utta Tuttlies
Head of Press & Communications/Spokesperson
Viktoria Mykhno
Senior Manager, Head of Markets
Emily Kirwan
Head of Internal Communications & Engagement
Lubna Haj Issa
Global Head Corporate Publications
Nicole Gorfer
Global Head Communications & Channel Excellence, Centralised and Point of Care Solutions
Yannis Freris
Director of Corporate Communication & Sustainable Development
Médard Schoenmaeckers
Head Communications & PA
Pierre Goad
Group Head of Employee Insight and Communications
Luca Biondolillo
Chief Communications Officer
Kim Larsen
EVP and Head of Group Comms, Brand and marketing
Hans Koeleman
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