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Media performance Dutch CEOs: a comparative study (2010-2021)
Embracing the expected: finding our place in a communications paradigm shift
How integrating your voice & your persona can impact your delivery
Compliance and Communications – are we partnering in the right way?
Walking the tight rope: The opportunities and risks for businesses in a high trust environment
Launch of the European Communications Monitor 2021 results
The Great Chicken Shortage
Trust and public debate in the age of Social Media and fake news
The Change Mindset – survival kit for communication professionals in change
Crisis Communications Lessons from the Airline Industry
Forecasting Trends in Reputation Management towards 2030
2021 Trends in Science Communication and the role of the Covid-19 pandemic
EACD FORUM – The Future of Travel
Microsoft on their strategic transformation and the power of leadership and communication
EACD working group for Brand Leadership – Driving business performance through corporate brand licensing
Stop talking and start doing – authentic corporate responsibility in a post-COVID world.  EACD NL
Has COVID helped develop a digital internal culture, or is this a myth? NEVA/EACD
Keynote – Corporate Affairs – Rising to the Challenge
Brand Leadership Working Group: What’s Next for Brandsd
Keynote – Beyond the Horizon – Leading the change to a new sustainable future Presentation by Ryan O’Keeffe, Managing Director, BlackRock
EACD Conference: European Communication Monitor: Launch of 2020 survey findings
EACD Keynote – 360 degree Transformation: How Ørsted went from being a fossil fuel company to one of the world’s greenest energy suppliers 
EACD Discussion: Changing Culture and Climate: the role of CommTech and AI
Webinar: Changing Culture and Climate: the role of CommTech and AI
EACD Dialogue: Communication in an age of COVID-19 – Join the conversation! 10 April, 12.30pm
Webinar: Communication in an age of COVID-19 – What can we learn from existing data?
EACD Nl New Year Drinks
What Is In The Future Of Internal Communications?
Panel Debate – Building Reputation In Regulated Sectors
How To Future-Proof Company Brand & Communications
How To Build Reputation In Troubled Sectors
Coaching Day: Powerful Stakeholder Communication
The Future Of Reputation Risk
European Communication Monitor 2019
Multi-Sensory Brand Experience
New Challenges For Corporate Affairs Leaders – Do We Have What It Takes?
Transforming Companies Into Connected Communities And Ecosystem
How To Communicate The Global Goals In An Effective And Relevant Manner?
2019 Summit
Summit Kick-Off Day 2019
What Is The Role Of Business In Building Trust?
Rising To New Challenges
Reputation Risk
Sustainable Communication – Sustainable Brand
Trends In Corporate Communications: Common Challenges, Unique Solutions
Corporate Communications In An Age Of Radical Uncertainty
The Digital And Social Media Revolution And Its Impact On Communications
Corporate Communication – A Catalyst For Organizational Success
The Future Of Reputation Risk, UK
How Insights & Foresights Can Help Your Organisation Manage Risk, Increase Resilience & Unlock Growth
Unlocking The Power Of Internal Communications
Masterclass On Association Branding
Communications As An Attracting Factor For Tourism And Foreign Investment In Spain
New Years Reception
New Directions In Reputation Risk Management
AI And Robotics In Communications
The Employee Journey – In Cooperation With Randstad And Proof
Where’s Marcoms Heading?
Corporate Activism In An Age Of Radical Uncertainty
Regulatory And Reputation Risk Workshop
Daybreak Meeting: Executive Loneliness And Practical Implications For Communication Directors
Construct A Robust Crisis Communication Plan
The Milan Debate: Radical Times For Communications. Radical Solutions For Communicators?
Finding And Using Data To Manage Risk & Drive Resilience
Data-driven Communications: Is It A New Golden Age For Creativity?
The Power Of The Image: Three Perspectives
Eacd General Assembly 2018
The Brussels Debate
The New Reality Of Working With Media
Corporate Citizenship
Future Proof Your Brand
Making Decisions In The Times Of Fake News And Post-truth
The Dublin Debate
Forecasting, Analysing & Responding To Crises
Build Your Own Measurement Matrix!
Big Data + Small Data For Smarter Stakeholder Management
Get Support For Your Communication Project, Idea Or Challenge
How To Future Proof Your Brand
Climathon – Building A Movement With Young Communicator Award Finalist Kelsey Hunter
Measuring The Impact Of Digital Communication: Selecting The Right Kpis
Emergency/Crisis Mobile Apps: What’s Wrong With Them And How To Make Them Better
The Paris Debate
Challenges Of Communications Campaigns In Issues-rich Sectors
How To Build A Successful Influencer Program – With Anni Hautala
Big Data + Small Data For Smarter Stakeholder Management, Switzerland
Content Amplification: Insights Into Alive Memory From Google Russia
Fake News, Real Threats – Communicating In The Post-Truth Era
Communicating Digital Challenges And Chances: A Cross-generational Approach
Big Data + Small Data For Smarter Stakeholder Management, Switzerland
The Munich Debate: AI + VR + PR
Multi-channel Crisis Response With Microsoft Ukraine
HR & IC Crossover
Corporate Character
Campaigning In The Face Of NGO Pressure
Regional Event: Social Media Influencers. Do We Use Them In A Proper Way?
The Current Role Of A Social Component In Organisations – A Must Or Nice To Have?
Regional Event: Insights Into The Public Affairs Arena
The Role Of Creativity In Communications
The Rome Debate: Rebuilding Trust In The Misinformation Era
Changing Trends In Communications: How To Survive In 2017
Don’t Panic! Narratives And Counter Narratives In Fragmented Digital Galaxies
EACD Regional Debate In Ukraine
Regional Debate In Malmö: Competencies, Skills And Traits Of Tomorrow’s Communicators?
EACD Anniversary Event In Athens: Communication And Social Acceptance In Business
Content Marketing In Pr: From Pressrooms To Newsrooms
Eacd Anniversary Event: Corporate Responsibility In A Digital World
Eacd Kick-off Day: Associations Working Group
EACD Coaching Day With Reputation Institute In Stockholm
Eacd Anniversary Event In Sofia: “The Future-oriented Communications Function”
EACD Regional Debate In Madrid: “Measurement & Evaluation”
EACD Coaching Day In Lisbon: “Integrating Reputation And E-reputation Management”
EACD Regional Debate In Hungary
EACD Coaching Day With Interminds In Sofia: Product Placement In Films And TV Series
EACD Anniversary Event In Zurich: Thought Leadership And Strategic Positioning In Times Of “quarterly Capitalism”
Improving Customer And Brand Experience – How To Do It?
EACD Regional Debate In Poland
EACD Regional Networking Event In Istanbul
EACD Coaching Day In Poland
EACD Regional Debate In Bulgaria
EACD Regional Debate In Switzerland
EACD Regional Debate In Hungary
EACD Coaching Day In The Czech Republic
EACD Regional Debate In Hungary
EACD Roundtable In Luxembourg
EACD Regional Debate In Norway
EACD Regional Debate In Portugal: Luxury Communications
EACD Meets The Media In Spain
EACD Regional Debate In Greece At The Athens Concert Hall
EACD Regional Debate In Gothenburg, Sweden: Communicative Leadership
EACD Get-Together In Luxembourg
EACD Coaching Day In Ireland: Online Video Beyond Youtube
EACD Networking In Istanbul
EACD Coaching Day In Austria
EACD Regional Debate In Austria
EACD Regional Debate In Romania
EACD Regional Debate In Lund, Sweden
EACD Regional Debate In Croatia
EACD Coaching Day Spain
Working Group Meeting “Corporate Social Responsibility”
EACD Coaching Day In Portugal
EACD Regional Debate In Portugal
EACD Regional Debate In Greece At The European Parliament Information Office In Athens
EACD Regional Debate In Russia At Coca-cola
EACD Regional Debate In Austria
Working Group “Csr”: the Increasing Trend of Investing Responsibly
EACD Regional Debate In Greece: “The Power Of Storytelling. Build Stories That Support Your Brand”
Eacd Regional Debate In Riga, Latvia
EACD Regional Debate In Prague, Czech Republic – June 19Th 2013
EACD Regional Debate In Vienna, Austria
EACD Regional Debate In Bucharest, Romania
EACD Regional Get-together In Turkey
EACD Regional Get-together In Iceland
EACD Regional Debate Serbia: Measurement & Evaluation In Pr

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