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A European-wide network with a regional distinction: The EACD operates across the European continent.

A European-wide Network With a Regional Distinction

The EACD operates across the European continent. With Regional Groups headed by committed ambassadors, the EACD promotes regional communication communities while connecting communicators and fostering a European perspective at the same time.

Top-level Events & Networking Opportunities For European Communicators

The EACD’s biggest annual event, the EACD Summit, gathers more than 400 in-house communication professionals from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds and features a great variety of high-level speakers. In addition to the Summit, the EACD also organises the yearly EACD Forum that offers presentations and debates by communication professionals and scholars.

Up-to-date Information Channels

Quarterly, members receive the renowned Communication Director magazine free of charge. Communication Director addresses current and strategic issues in communications and reviews EACD activities. In addition, the EACD circulates a weekly newsletter updating members on recent event and initiatives, and follows the latest trends in the communications industry via our social media channels.

Information & Knowledge Exchange At a Variety Of Events Across Europe

Professional events such as workshops, coaching days, debates or roundtable discussions examine current trends and developments in the communications industry and encourage members to exchange experiences among peers.

Promoting Qualification & Professionalism

The EACD promotes the exchange of knowledge and expertise through cross-country and cross-institutional working groups that are either topic or industry specific. Furthermore, EACD’s mentoring programme offers talented junior and mid-career communication professionals a year-long mentoring relationship with selected senior EACD members.

Representation Of Interest & Promotion Of The Professional Image

The EACD represents the interests of communication directors and spokespersons from European companies, associations and institutions and aims to ensure quality standards in communications.

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