Leading European Communicators

The EACD Board is elected every two years and comprises leading European communicators. Coming from companies, associations and institutions, they represent the diversity of the EACD’s membership across regions and industries. The latest Board line-up was elected at the EACD General assembly on 30 June 2020.



Kim Larsen


Phil Riggins

Phil Riggins

Co-leads Country Chapters & Working Groups


Angela Howarth


Viktoria Mykhno

Co-leads Content


Dennis Larsen

rui veras

Rui Veras

Co-leads Partnerships

Nicole Gorfer

Nicole Gorfer

Nederland, Amsterdam, 27-06-2017
Inge Wallage: communications and engagement director at the International Water Associations, Communications director for Greenpeace, portret
Foto: Duco de Vrfies

Inge Wallage

Co-leads Events

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Philippe Borremans

Ida Gutiérrez de Escofet

Ida Gutiérrez de Escofet

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