Idea and aims


The European Association of Communication Directors (EACD) wants to attract, inspire and engage current and future communication leaders to drive excellence in our profession. We offer communication professionals a platform to connect, deepen their expertise, share best practice, establish and promote relevant standards.

Transnational communication is a management task of increasing importance within the ever-changing European and global communities. For communicators in multinational companies, associations, institutions and politics, a global perspective is crucial in their strategic and practical work. Additionally, it is just as important to build networks across cultural, political and linguistic borders, allowing communication directors and spokespersons to exchange experiences, opinions, and knowledge.

Founded in Brussels in November 2006, the EACD is the network for communication professionals from all fields across Europe. It was established to promote diversity, overcome cultural barriers and formulate communicative norms in order to ensure quality and foster professionalism in communications.

The Association meets the needs of communication professionals working internationally, and provides them with support in facing the exciting new challenges they deal with in the global arena. The world of communications is constantly in flux as new technologies and changing global dynamics influence the way communicators work. With this in mind, the Association is committed to providing flexible support, with the continual input and feedback of its members.

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