Since mid 2008, the Regional Group Sweden has offered EACD members a number of topically-focused eve

EACD Regional Debate in Linköping, Sweden

Wednesday 26 November 2014

The EACD is happy to invite you to our upcoming Regional Debate in Linköping on November 26, which will be co-hosted by Åsa Thegström, Senior Vice President and Head of Group Communication at SAAB.
Years of hard work and efforts to build trust can be shattered in seconds when the unforeseen strikes, with even minor crises causing major damages to an organisation. An organisation should be prepared for dealing with a crisis because it is not a question of “if”, but “when” a scandal or accident hits your business. Crisis communications is a critical aspect of crisis management. It won’t stop the fire, but it can prevent it from spreading and limit the damage it causes. With this in mind, the event will feature presentations by Jonas Lindell, Jeanette Tretten, Åsa Thegström and Claus Grue, Coordinator of the EACD Regional Group Sweden, who will also moderate the subsequent question and answer session.
 Jonas Lindell, Communications Manager, Holmen Paper
Jeanette Tretten, Communications Manager, Holmen Skog
Producing and delivering 1.5 billion tons of paper a year has its risks. So does harvesting three million cubic meters of the raw material wood. Holmen is a forest industry group operating in a competitive world market where trust, reliability and quality are key values. The ability to cope with any crisis is of course essential for sustaining long term customer confidence.
Jonas will tell us more about the crisis management of a fatal accident, while Jeanette will share her experiences from being under scrutiny by investigative journalists.        
 Åsa Thegström, Senior Vice President and Head of Group Communication at SAAB
In her position at one of the world´s leading aerospace and defence industries Åsa copes with a broad range of communications challenges every day. Security, safety, economic and political implications are critical issues that must be addressed. Equally important is a constant readiness to deal with any potential crisis.  
Her technical background and long experience in the security and defence business makes Åsa well equipped for the job. She will give us an insight into SAABs systematic approach to crisis management.   
 Claus Grue, Communications Director, Diocese of Lund, Church of Sweden
Claus Grue is a senior communications professional and the EACD’s regional coordinator in Sweden. His current job is the Communications Director at the diocese of Lund, Church of Sweden, with his working history also including positions at Scandinavian Airlines, G4S and the public Swedish health care as well as journalistic experience. This has given Claus plenty of experience in crisis communications.
13:30 –13.40 Welcome & Introduction: Åsa Thegström & Claus Grue
13:40 –14:10 Presentation: Jeanette Tretten, Jonas Lindell
14:10 –14:40 Presentation: Åsa Thegström
14:40 –15:10 Presentation: Claus Grue
15:10 –15:30 Discussion
Presentations and discussions will be held in Swedish and moderated by EACD regional coordinator Claus Grue.
As usual this event will be free of charge, compliments of SAAB and the EACD.Venue
Saab huvudport, Åkerbovägen,