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EACD Regional Debate in Lund, Sweden

Tuesday 14 May 2013
Medicon Village

The EACD is happy to invite you to our upcoming Regional Debate in Lund on May 14th, which will be co-hosted by Anette Orheim, Communications Director at Medicon Village in Lund.
The topic is how to influence public opinion, which is an increasingly important and difficult art to master in a society drowned in contradicting messages. Consistency, endurance and substance are key features in shaping and influencing public opinion. Add a bit of humour and your chances of getting your message across will increase.        
Three very well-known speakers will tell you more:  
 Ms Antje Jackelén, the bishop of the Diocese of Lund and last year’s winner of “most influential person-award” in Southern Sweden/Scania.
Ms Jackelén is also a professor in systematic theology, specialized in the dialogue between religion and science. She will talk about the importance of a visible and present church, which people listens and relates to.         
 Mr Thomas Frostberg, an influential columnist and business editor in Southern Sweden’s major daily newspaper,Sydsvenskan. He has also been a correspondent in Sillicon Valley, California, where he covered the IT industry. Mr Frostberg will elaborate upon his role as a journalist and editor and how to deal with a never-ending bombardment of PR-initiatives from various interest groups.  
 Mr Johan Wester, a popular Swedish comedian, entertainer and entrepreneur. Johan will talk about the power and impact of humour as a tool to catch public attention and affect opinion. Mr. Wester is also known as an ambassador for his home town Lund, where he is engaged in a number of projects to attract investment and develop the city’s cultural life.
Tea, coffee and refreshments will be provided.  
We look foward to welcoming to our Regional Debate in Sweden!