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EACD Webinar: Neuroscience and Corporate Communication

Wednesday 15 October 2014

The EACD is happy to invite you to its next webinar on "Neuroscience and Corporate Communication" which will take place on October 15th, 2014 from 5:00pm to 6:00pm.
Over the last few decades, neuroscientists have made remarkable progress in understanding how our brains shape and determine our behavior. We now know that over 90% of our behavior is driven by subconscious brain processes and that our emotions, not our conscious thoughts, are largely responsible for the decisions we make. What is the consequence for corporate communications and branding?
We are delighted to announce our speakers Prof. Rafał Ohme and Andrzej Mykowski.
 Rafał Ohme (PhD) is one of the world’s pioneers in consumer neuroscience. He is a professor of psychology, expert in emotions, communication and brain research. Founder of NEUROHM, a company emerged from innovative R&D started by prof. Ohme in 1997. Known globally for expertise in applied Neuroscience methodologies, specializing in emotions, communication and neuroscientific brain research, the company has licensed its methods to over 20 research companies around the world, among others in the US, Europe and Japan.
He is a member of major marketing, psychological and neuroscientific associations and a Board Member of Neuromarketing Science and Business Association, an organization to integrate neuroscientists and practitioners from 52+ countries worldwide.
He has written more than 150 articles and chapters, and publishes in top scientific journals. Author of Unconscious Affect (2007), Subliminal Facial Information (2003), and trilogy Automaticity (2001, 2003, 2003). He was a guest speaker at seminars and workshops in USA, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Belgium, Poland, Ireland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Montenegro, Russia, France, South Africa, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, China & Singapore.
 Andrzej Mykowski is a specialist in brand strategy,  communication & segmentation. Marketing graduate experienced in both regional & global market research with an in-depth knowledge of research specifics in Central & Eastern Europe. Head of projects carried out in majority of the European markets as well as India, China, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa and many others.
Great exposure to strategic research for some of the top FMCG brands and projects focusing on brand strategy, equity, segmentation, communication, NPD, product testing. Also involved in global shopper research protocol for one of the top FMCG clients.
Past experience with research for technology, finance & retail. Former to joining NEUROHM, he was a Managing Consultant for TNS (Warsaw and London) & project manager for PricewaterhouseCoopers and PBS DGA.
The Webinar will take place on Wednesay, October 15th, begins at 5pm (CET) and runs for an hour. Participants will have the chance to pose their questions. The session will run on the platform “Adobe Connect”; for technical requirements please refer to the following link:
We look forward to an interesting discussion with our members!