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EACD Webinar with Simon Morton on the topic of "Step Away from the Status Quo – Maximising your Presentation Opportunity"

Wednesday 30 March 2016

The EACD is happy to announce the upcoming Webinar with Simon Morton on March 30 at 5.00pm CET.
In this session Simon will address the following topic: Step Away from the Status Quo – Maximising your Presentation Opportunity
Most business presentations are not fit for purpose…and the problem stems from within.
Presentations should be seen as a huge privilege – they represent a unique opportunity to share ideas and prompt action from an expectant audience.  Yet the sad truth is that the creation of most presentations is seen as a tiresome task by many, quickly delegated to PAs and junior members of staff and resulting in the all-too-familiar ‘Death by PowerPoint’ hell inflicted on audiences across the globe.
It’s time to Think, Act and Deliver your presentation differently.  Simon Morton, founder of Eyeful Presentations and author of the acclaimed book The Presentation Lab, offers his insight, ideas and plain speaking advice to spark a revolution in the way you, your people and, most importantly, your audiences approach presentations.
Simon launched Eyeful Presentations in 2004, on a mission to rid the world of bullet points and poor presentations, that he himself was sick of the sight of. Eyeful was born with a simple goal of creating better, more effective business presentations that would engage audiences and deliver results and success. Simon devised the formula to this success, `Presentation Optimisation', Eyeful’s ongoing methodology used on a daily basis to help create the very best business presentations. His first book 'The Presentation Lab' is making waves and has been translated into 6 languages. A hugely experienced trainer, Simon has developed theoretical presentation training modelsand delivered these to industry leading global companies and has had the privilege of presenting to hundreds of people at events, online in corporate webinars, and created thought leadership podcasts.
The Webinar will take place on Wednesday, March 30iest at 5.00pm (CET) and run for an hour. Participants will have the chance to pose their questions. The session will run on the platform "Adobe Connect"; for technical requirements please refer to the following link:
The Webinar with SImon Morton will be free of charge compliments to the EACD. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our webinar!