Since mid 2008, the Regional Group Sweden has offered EACD members a number of topically-focused eve

Regional Debate Sweden: Crisis Communication

Thursday 14 March 2013
EACD, TransAtlantic, SSPA

The EACD is happy to invite you to our upcoming Regional Debate in Gothenburg on March 14th, which will be co-hosted by Carina Dietmann, Head of Corporate Communciations and Investor Relations at TransAtlantic and Helén Jansson, Communication and Market Manager at SSPA.
Years of hard work and efforts to build trust can be shattered in seconds when the unforeseen strikes, with even minor crisis causing major damages to an organisation. An organisation should be prepared for dealing with a crisis. Because it is not a question of “if”, but “when” a scandal or accident hits your business. With this in mind, the event will feature presentations by Carina Dietmann,  Head of Corporate Communications and Investor at TransAtlantic, Joakim Kellner, Director of Public Affairs at Gellmuyden.Kiese, and Claus Grue, Coordinator of the EACD Regional Group Sweden, who will also moderate the subsequent question and answer session.
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