To recognise and celebrate those who make a substantial contribution to the advancement of our profession and its place in society, the EACD annually will bestow three awards to those that represent the best that communication professionals offer the world:  the Young Communicator Award, Leaders and Legends Award, and the Unifier Award. 

The Call for Award Submissions will officially be made at the EACD Summit, including more details about how to enter, closing date, and awards announcement timeline.


Young Communicator Award 

Young communicators are the budding leaders of tomorrow.  The EACD believes it is important to nurture and celebrate this talent.  The Young Communicator Award honours communicators under the age of 30 for outstanding achievement in communication for the year.  Individuals may be nominated by their team leader or mentor.  Nominators must be a member of the EACD.  Nominees do not need to be a member of the EACD. 


Leaders and Legends Award 

We all know people who have made a lasting impact on our thinking, actions and careers.  This award is designed to acknowledge those who have shaped the profession in clear and concrete ways.  The Leaders and Legends Award honours communicators who demonstrate pioneering innovation, outstanding leadership, or lifetime achievement on behalf of or in our field.  They should also demonstrate commitment to the EACD’s principles and values. Nominators must be a member of the EACD.  Nominees do not need to be a member of the EACD.


Unifier Award 

The world has become more polarised in recent years.  As communicators working across every walk of life, we can use our skills to create common ground and help close the divide.  The EACD wants to recognise notable and/or innovative communications work that has brought people together to address a challenge in business, government, or society at large.  The Unifier Award honours the annual achievement in communication that best reflects the values and purpose of the EACD, honouring the campaign (or organization) that best creates common ground, builds bridges, engages people, and brings diverse voices to today’s vital conversations.  Anyone (EACD member or non-member) can nominate candidates for this award.  Candidates do not need to be a member of the EACD to receive this award. 


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