Dear Community,

Following the message that acting President Kim Larsen wrote two weeks ago we can now confirm that the EACD Summit scheduled to take place on 14th/15th May in Amsterdam has been cancelled.
In the light of the current crisis, in anticipation of the continued developments, and the fact that the health of our community is our top priority, the EACD Leadership believed the only right thing to do was to cancel the Summit, however painful for everyone. It being a partnership with many stakeholders meant that we were not able to confirm this earlier, unfortunately.
We truly hope you and those close to you are well. In case you or your loved ones are ill or in quarantine, we wish you all a quick recovery and strength to resurface. These truly are unusual and challenging times, for individuals, companies, organizations and communities across the globe. Let us hope that together we are able to leave the COVID-19 crisis soon behind us.

We would like to express our thanks to everyone who was part of making the Summit a success – our sponsor/partners, our speakers, attendees, the Programme Committee. We look forward to continuing to work with all. Their involvement and support will be critically important for what we are planning next.
We want to continue the EACD Summit planning, albeit in a different form. In line with the theme of the Summit – ‘Beyond The Horizon’ – we want to take our responsibility as leaders in communications to address the role we have regarding our future society. The theme and sub-tracks of the Summit are still very relevant, maybe even more so than before.
We will take our programme online. We started our webinars already – check out this Friday’s one – and aim to create a complete online ongoing EACD Programme, with quality content, quality set-up; gatherings that will take different forms: digital keynotes with breakouts, online topical panel conversations, etc.
If you have particular Summit questions/queries:
Sponsorship questions/queries: [email protected]
Registration questions/queries: [email protected]
Programme questions/queries: EACD Advisory Director Inge Wallage: [email protected] or +31627093979
For now, we wish you, your business colleagues, your communities and your families good wishes and resilience in the months to come. Stay well!