We are very excited to invite you to our first live EACD Dialogue event in over two years!

Join us in Paris, France on Thursday 16 June at 17:30 CET for an EACD Dialogue on The Impact Economy and the Role of Communicators as Leaders. The event is being hosted by TCS France.

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Confirmed speakers:

  • David Fell, researcher, presenter and writer in the field of sustainability. He is director and co-founder of Brook Lyndhurst Ltd.
  • Eugenio Sergio Longo, Sustainability Director, TCS Europe.
  • Josep Catlla, SVP, Head of Corporate Affairs, Communications and CSR, Sanofi
  • Chiel Rietvelt, CFO, TotalEnergies Corbion

The dialogue will be moderated by Board member Inge Wallage.

During this event we will explore the challenges and opportunities that ESG, Sustainability and Impact put to our profession.

The role of Communication Directors can be key in facilitating organizational transformation, after all we are key guardians of corporate reputation and pivotal in stakeholder engagement.

The EACD Dialogue will open with a thought provoking address by our keynote speaker on the impact economy, what is needed and whether it is realistic. Following the keynote, we will have contributions by and reactions from TCS and more. The dialogue will then turn to the audience to broaden the conversation and debate with all present.

“ESG” describes a set of environmental, social and governance factors used to evaluate a company’s impact beyond traditional financial measures. Initially targeting the investment community, ESG metrics are now an opportunity to create and measure shared value in the new era of stakeholder capitalism that go well beyond the financial community.

Impact is broad, intersectional and complex. Within environmental impact, climate change is just one aspect. Similarly, social impact refers to human rights, diversity and inclusion, and so much more. And when looking at governance, we need to explore who is leading change within an organization and how progress is communicated beyond compliance, with transparency, and ethics.

Our speakers will address the following and more, and you will be invited to join the discussion:

  • Are ESG metrics a valuable tool to drive meaningful transformation?
  • Is creating an inspiring narrative contributing to the business strategy or could greenwashing happen due to the role we take as communication leaders?
  • How can – and should – we be more relevant and strategic?

After the opening dialogue, we will gather on the top floor — with spectacular, sweeping views of Paris — for further conversation over drinks and canapés.