The EACD is pleased to invite you to our upcoming Coaching Day with Carma and FTI Consulting:

Forecasting, Analysing & Responding to Crises

We live in an unprecedented era of transparency and increasing number of crisis and how they impact businesses. We examine how to forecast scenarios, monitor the unfolding situation and effectively respond to save customers, reputation and corporate value. We’ll be presenting proprietary research and examples from the corporate world and political events in the US, UK and the Middle East. Whether it’s safeguarding markets or expanding to new ones, the insight will help more effective decision making. Join Mazen Nahawi, CEO of CARMA and Dan Healy, MD for Strategy Consulting and Research of FTI Consulting for a candid discussion on their techniques to help clients and topical events.

Meet your Coaches

Mazen Nahawi, Group Chief Executive Officer, CARMA

Mazen Nahawi started his career 15 years ago as a journalist before moving into public relations and consultancy. In 2002 he set up Media Watch one of the first media monitoring agencies in the Middle East (now known as CARMA), with a view to using actionable and measurable information as a catalyst for modernisation and progress in emerging markets. Mazen is ex-president of FIBEP and is on the board of the Middle East PR Association.

Dan Healy, Managing Director of Strategy Consulting & Research, FTI Consulting

Dan Healy is Managing Director in FTI’s Strategy Consulting & Research team. The team has extensive experience researching a wide range of stakeholders, developing thought leadership, providing strategic guidance for corporates and forecasting political events. They are one of the few teams globally to accurately forecast Trump’s victory a month before the election and more recently the UK General Election and both rounds of the French election. Their approach fuses digital analytics, behavioural economics and primary research.

The Coaching Day will be free of charge with compliments of the EACD and FTI Consulting. This event is free of charge and open to in-house communicators only but please register using the form below as places are limited.

Our UK regional coordinator, Angela Howarth, looks forward to an engaging discussion with you. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us ([email protected]).