Tips for creating good Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion programmes

By Nike Lapite, Senior Consultant at Fourtold, and Adam Powell, Partner & Managing Director at Fourtold

D&I. As the adage goes: it ain’t what it used to be. In a good way – but also in way which poses challenges to organisations, leaders and communicators.

In two decades, Diversity and Inclusivity (D&I) in the workplace has evolved from gender equality debates to a much richer, complex, and altogether more high-stakes landscape today. Gender equality is no longer male or female. LGBT is LGBTQIA+. We have neurodiversity. Not to mention race, age, weight, mental health, religion, physical ability.

And complexity brings different viewpoints (witness JK Rowling and the trans community), different paces of adoption of ideas. And, sometimes, outright rejection.

It’s highly sensitised, and so no surprise many corporate communicators tread delicately – and perhaps nervously – into D&I activities and campaigns.

But what’s happening in D&I is remarkable, in a good way, and, from our perspective, so much better for all of us. True inclusion means we’re all ‘stakeholders’ after all, whoever we are.

And for organisations that embrace the most modern articulation of D&I: Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity– sometimes referred to as JEDI – the benefits are clear.

According to studies by the global management consultancy Bain & Co:

  • Companies with more diverse senior management are 1.7 times more likely to capture a new market
  • Teams that are gender, age and geographically diverse make better business decisions 50% of the time.

And, of course a strong JEDI reputation makes an organisation far more attractive to the top talent we’re all competing to recruit and retain, particularly Generations Y and Z.

So, as communications leaders, what do we need to know to help our organisations become JEDI masters?

We’ve completed a benchmarking study of how a set of global businesses, recognised as among the world’s best for D&I activities, communicate about it.

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