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The members of the European Association of Communication Directors abide by a set of rules aimed at shaping the profession of communications.


We, the members of the European Association of Communication Directors, aim to both serve and shape the communications profession. We support our members, promote our profession, enhance standards, and encourage the ethical, legal, responsible, honest, competent and tactful behaviour of all communications professionals. We believe that the communications professional has an important role to play to promote the values of our democratic society and enable citizens, organisations and companies to participate more actively in the pluralistic debate.


We accept responsibility for our work and its results, remaining accountable to both our employers and the public we serve. Whilst we are ambitious in our undertakings, we nonetheless fairly represent to our organisations what we can deliver, how we can deliver it, and what we need to do it.


We make the information we provide to clients, colleagues, the public and the media alike as transparent and accurate as possible, and conduct ourselves in the spirit of openness.


We represent our respective organisations honestly, loyally and to the utmost of our ability, whilst disseminating accurate and reliable information, and encouraging our employers to behave with consideration to their social responsibilities. We believe that communications must be guided not solely by the interests of an organisation, but by a broader view of the public good.


We invest ourselves fully toward achieving our goals, employing our range of experience, our depth of knowledge, and the professional skills we have accrued. We develop a multidisciplinary dexterity as well as honing our specialist abilities.


We improve the quality of the communications profession through specialist training, educational forums and seeking out knowledge that is of worth. We remain informed about new trends and techniques, and learn lessons from the practices of our colleagues. We provide our colleagues with the necessary guidance and training to allow them to best confront their professional challenges.


Members confirm that they will use EACD platforms for networking purposes only and refrain from using members contact data or EACD events for commercial and sales activities.

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