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The EACD Community thrives on thought-leadership. Our pan European network of communication leaders is the perfect place to inspire and exchange knowledge on the latest communication trends.

You’ll find below the steps to follow if you would like to organize an EACD event:

    1. Submit your event by fulfilling the EACD EVENT FORM
      Here you will add the event description and images that can be used by the EACD to promote the event on social media after creating a webpage on our website.

    2. Upon acceptance of your event, you will receive a registration link for participants*.
      Note that all EACD events will run through Airmeet.

    3. The EACD office will email you the link to the EACD webpage on our website
      For automatic reminders to participants (marked attending) share the link to the event page on the EACD Network.

    4. Share the recording of the session with the content team [email protected] so we can upload it to YouTube and send you the link for sharing on our EACD Network under one of the Topics.

The EACD team will promote the event on the EACD social media and newsletter. But you are responsible for advertising your event within your network.

We have a network of Regional Coordinators in the different European Countries as well as Leaders of Working Groups on specific topics – you can reach to them to get support on the event organisation.

The EACD is a voluntary organization, therefore we do not have a large organization for support. Everything we do is based on our own energy, ideas and willingness to step forward. In principle we never pay a fee to a speaker because their presentation is in their own interest as well (for we offer them a very interesting platform).

*Please note that all EACD events are for EACD members, non-EACD members can participate for a fee of 150Euros.
Exceptionally we have free events open to non EACD members, these are sponsored by an EACD partner. Learn more on how to be an EACD partner.

Sponsor and EACD event!

If you wish to sponsor the EACD, an event of the EACD or seek a partnership with us, send us an email to: [email protected] or [email protected]
Any contribution – financially or in terms of content – needs to be in line with our Code of Conduct.



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