The 2022 edition of the world’s longest running empirical study on current and future developments in strategic communication and public relations has been published today. The European Communication Monitor surveyed communication professionals in 43 countries, producing the following highlights:

  • Diversity, equality and inclusion are influencing organisational policies and communications worldwide – but
    only every second communicator in Europe has closely followed global trends and discussions in this area.
  • Most practitioners have experienced empathic traits from communication leaders; this has a significant
    positive impact on commitment, engagement and mental health.
  • To date, very few communication departments have established an advanced use of CommTech to digitalise
    internal workflows and communication activities – organisational structures are identified as the main obstacle
    to rapid transformation.
  • Quality of consulting in communications is difficult to achieve; three out of four respondents would like to see
    appropriate standards that cover either consultants, clients themselves or both groups.
  •  The study reveals significant differences between countries as well as between companies and non-profits
    across Europe

The full report is available for free at