By Tiffany Cheng, Vice President Communication at Atlas Copco

I once heard a frustrated leader who was trying to make changes in the organization tell his team “ If you don’t want to change, the door is right there.”

Changes are emotional and expensive, but changes have become inevitable in today’s ever-evolving economic environment.

To become sustainable and future-proof, companies need to implement changes to stay competitive in a rapidly shifting market.

Often, only a handful of top leaders in the company see the need to change, and what the change leads the company to.

However, change is a collective effort, that needs action from everyone in the company. It is not the work of a few leaders. Nothing will change if the employees feel that transformation is unnecessary.

The brutal fact is 70% of the change initiative fail, largely due to employee resistance.

Why do people resist change?

Let’s use the three levels of resistance created by Author Rick Maurer:
Level 1: I don’t get it.
Level 2: I don’t like it.
Level 3: I don’t like you.

1. Level 1 – I don’t get it
You probably think this is what you and your leaders are really good at – creating PowerPoints and sending newsletters or calling for all-employee meetings…

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