When it comes to talking about “Purpose Beyond Profit”, some things are clear.  For example, we have plenty of data highlighting how consumers’ and society’s expectations of businesses and brands have changed.  While in the past brands had only to stay focused on delivering great products and service, today consumers (especially Gen Z and Millennials) expect the brands they support and buy from to share their values.  To stand up for what matters to them.

People expect companies and brands to work with organisations and individuals to help solve the big challenges of today and the future.  Whether it’s fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals, making Diversity & Inclusion at all levels a reality, or standing up and speaking out on the issues that matter, the pressure on companies and brands to get it right has never been greater. Many companies (and communicators) are aware of these changed expectations and are already acting in new and exciting ways to bring change and deliver on their commitments.  But others, many others, worry about the possibility of getting purpose wrong or the potential for reputational backlash if they stand up and speak out on the “wrong” issue.  Is Purpose or corporate activism “worth it” for them?  Data suggest that business leaders, while worried, also see the direction of travel is going in one direction:  to stay relevant to the people that matter, you need to champion them and their issues/values.

In our three World of Purpose Beyond Profit panel discussions at this year’s EACD Summit, we will hear from youth activists on what they expect, brands on what they are doing to deliver on the new expectations, and what is on the horizon from a wide range of in house and consultancy experts.  These sessions are a must for professionals wrestling with these challenges, who want to know what best practice looks like and want to share their experiences with and learn from their peers.

Join us!

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