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Improving the capabilities and confidence of crisis communicators across Europe

In the past, crisis communication preparedness was sometimes viewed rather like an unnecessary insurance policy. In today’s ESG-driven environment, the systematic measurement and management of risk sits at the heart of Board, non-executive and investor expectations of any organisation.

Drawing together members with a specific crisis and risk remit – and those with a broader interest in the area – our role is to INFORM, INSPIRE AND IMPROVE. We are here to equip members with the knowledge, skills and confidence to mitigate and manage reputational risk. We will:

INFORM, educate and learn from members about crucial developments in the crisis and risk communication arena, including emerging best practices, tools and techniques

INSPIRE members, through the stories and experiences of those working at the sharp end of crisis communication and from pioneers in the space – within EACD’s membership and beyond

IMPROVE members’ practical capabilities and operational confidence, with a practical focus in everything we do

Whether your focus is on the internal face of reputational risk (e.g. organisational leadership, governance, ethics and behaviour) or its external sources (e.g. regulation, legislation, activism and scrutiny), we are here to help you learn and grow.

To get involved, please contact [email protected].

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Philippe Borremans

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