By Peter Matthies

Authenticity isn’t a spiritual concept. Authenticity is a survival necessity.

This quote stopped me when I watched Gabor Maté’s “The Wisdom of Trauma” (watch it, if you haven’t!). According to Maté, authenticity is literally necessary if we want to survive in nature. We can only be authentic when we’re connected and in touch with our body and our feelings. Imagine that connection interrupted, and it becomes clear that we won’t survive for long in the wilderness.

But is authenticity equally important in today’s world – particularly in business? Absolutely! Let’s say you feel frustrated about the way your leaders operate in your company – or you miss fulfilment or purpose in your job – or you’re overwhelmed with your workload: you feel in your body and in your emotions that something’s not right. Your gut knows, while your mind keeps suggesting: “It’s just what it is. It will change.” But will it? Has it changed? How long do you want to wait?

Here’s the downer: according to Maté, we’re actually slowly dying if we don’t respond to our authentic feelings – such as frustration, missing fulfilment, or the sense of overwhelm. He states that when we don’t, we often revert to four behaviours, which have a strong negative effect on our health, and which are literally capable of killing you:

  1. To place other people’s needs before our own
  2. The compulsive need to fulfil duty and responsibility rather than being authentic
  3. Suppressing strong emotions, and
  4. The belief that you’re responsible for other people’s feelings.

Look at your workplace. How many of these four behaviours are present in your culture? How many do you exhibit yourself? Full disclosure: my hand shoots up for – at least – the first three.

Fact is: To break the unhealthy patterns of our existing way to work and succeed, and to find a more authentic and healthier pathway for ourselves, we must break these old-and-tried behaviours and patterns. We must find back to our own authenticity – even though we might have long forgotten what that really is.

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