Corporate Affairs and Communications leaders are facing more challenges than ever and with questions like “What are the new demands?” and “Are we competent enough?” chairman of K1 and regional head of EACD, Anders Monrad Rendtorff, introduced the morning session in Danske Bank in central Copenhagen.

EACD, K1 and KornFerry invited the participants to discuss the topic of the day based on speeches from:

Kim Larsen – Executive Vice President, Head of Group Communications & Relations, Danske Bank
Andrew Lowe – Senior Client Partner, KornFerry
Desi Kimmins – Senior Partner, KornFerry

With keywords like sense-making, courage and purpose, the focus was on how today’s Corporate Affairs and Communication leaders are facing challenges that goes beyond traditional communication. Digitalisation and the need for driving cultural change and employee engagement make demands on the leaders. But how do we address them?

”Know the business better than it knows itself”, ”Be the change you want to see” and ”Whatever you do, always speak your mind” was some of the advice given which was included in the following panel discussion.

It was said that “Leaders are expected to lead – go lead!

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