The EACD Coaching Session hosted by Quiller Consultants and held in London on 12th September was a practical risk management and resilience driving toolkit for every Communications professional. It was also an inspiring exchange of thoughts and unique peer learning experience.


The speakers all from the Quiller Consultants team, Jon Chandler (CEO of Quiller Consultants), Mark Hutcheon (An experienced Communication Director) and Chloe Combi (A Generation Z expert) gave an opportunity to compare strategies from three different viewpoints. Kicking things off, Jon dived into reputation and resilience themes to provide inspiration for managing risks in a company. Mark then shared his original iOS for the Corporate Affairs framework and Chloe introduced key insights on Generation Z.

Armed with extensive reputation management experience, Jon shared and debated case studies from brands such as Toyota, Coca-Cola and Uber. He covered reputation foundations and realities to discuss whether you can have a single brand proposition to generate many reputations. He explained that a thorough understanding and advanced implementation of PESTEL analysis is key to creating a resilient strategy and responsive communication plan.

Mark continued by outlining his framework for companies to focus on building a strong narrative that connects a business to its purpose in society. He illustrated the ‘software’ and ‘hardware’ of it by, hardware being the data and software the team leadership competencies, then how to best use them together in action.

Our last speaker was Chloe, a sought out expert on youth issues and ‘natives of the modern internet’ – Generation Z. She gave examples of approaches to navigating and addressing their unique priorities such as, ethics, life-long learning and quality of life whilst remaining viable and affordable. Chloe shared excellent insights on how to best interact with Generation Z in the workplace and how creating dynamic and engaging workplaces for youth results in the best creative productivity.

Brainstorming session

The speeches were followed with an engaging brainstorming session in teams. Each group came up with some resilience strategies they would use to address risk factors in a pretend scenario. After identifying issues that might impact a company’s reputation, they discussed ways to convince all necessary stakeholders, getting them on board, and how to do it in a value creating way.

Some of the topics or approaches discussed were:

  • Navigating from macro to micro issues.
  • There is an abundance of data available, but only personalised stories behind it allow a company to take insight-based decisions.
  • Business ethics vs business performance.
  • To adjust a strategy, starting from scratch is not always required. It is necessary to track and monitor the issues that a company needs to do more of or less.

Thank you to Quiller Consultants for hosting this coaching day and to all our attendees for their engagement.