The 2021 survey explores CommTech and digital infrastructure, video-conferencing for stakeholder communications, future roles for communication professionals, strategic issues, and characteristics of excellent communication departments. The European Communication Monitor 2021 is based on responses from 2,664 communication professionals in 46 countries. Detailed analyses are available for 22 countries and different types of organisations (companies, non-profits, governmental, agencies).

  • Digital transformation is in progress, but few communication departments or agencies have reached maturity – 39% of practitioners across Europe describe their unit as immature in both digitalising stakeholder communications and building digital infrastructure.
  • Video-conferencing is here to stay – it is more frequently used for communication with employees and clients than with journalists and less valued by stakeholders in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.
  • Practitioners take on different roles simultaneously in their daily work – a trend to watch is the Advisor role who helps top management make better business decisions.
  • Professionals working in excellent communication departments are more engaged in coaching or advising executives and colleagues at all levels of the hierarchy.

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