We are pleased to announce our upcoming Associations Working Group meeting on “Campaigning in the Face of NGO Pressure.”

For industry associations, countering the challenges posed by pressure groups is a part of daily life.  Although seen as credible stakeholders at regulatory level, associations can often struggle to be visible in public debate in order to counter misleading and often inflammatory headlines with the facts and the science behind issues. How do associations cut through the noise to make the business case in the face of issue campaigning – and maintain the trust of stakeholders and consumers alike?

One national association with an impressive track record of doing just that is the UK’s Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) – widely regarded by government, European and international stakeholders and the media alike as the credible voice of a responsible UK industry trusted to act responsibly for the consumer.

Cosmetics Europe, the European Association for the personal care industry, has also been following a new strategic path to build trustworthiness and reputation with stakeholders.   Launching a Partnership Paper, a Socio-economic report and a new website in 2016 under the motto ‘We Personally Care’, it has taken its members on a journey to bring ‘Trust & Reputation’ to the heart of its work.  CE is delighted to have been short-listed for a Leadership Award in the European Association Awards 2017 for its stakeholder work.

About the Speakers

Debbie Hunter, Director of Commercial Affairs at CTPA (The Cosmetic, Toiletry & Perfumery Association Limited)

With over 41 years of service, Debbie has extensive experience in the Association’s external affairs, communication activities and membership services.  She is responsible for evolving the CTPA’s communication strategy with the Director-General and managing the CTPA’s Board of Directors and Communications Advisory Group. Representing the CTPA at Cosmetics Europe (the European Personal Care Association) on both the Expert Network on Communications and the Strategic Core Team on Trust & Reputation, she works to develop and progress stakeholder relations and harmonised communication approaches across Europe.

Diane Watson, Director Public Affairs and Government Relations at Cosmetics Europe – the European Association for the personal care industry.

Diane Watson is a public affairs and government relations professional with over 18 years Brussels based EU and global experience focused on the health, food and consumer goods sectors. Her experience spans the private sector, consultancy and the European Commission.  She joined the European trade association Cosmetics Europe in May 2015 as Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations. In this role Diane is responsible for driving the  association’s integrated public affairs and communications strategies and activities. The association’s work in the field of trust and reputation has been shortlisted for the European Association Awards in the leadership category.

Participants can expect an exclusive workshop packed with case studies, tools and tips for anyone working in the association world.