The conflict in Ukraine is sending shock waves around the world. Our personal concern and anxiety about the plight of friends, colleagues, and family in Ukraine is matched by our responsibilities as communicators to help others understand and deal with the crisis.

Join us on Tuesday 8 March (13:00-14:00 CET) for a special conversation about how communicators are dealing with the dilemmas that the invasion of Ukraine presents.

  • Should our businesses/organizations take a stance?  If so, how do they communicate to ease rather than exacerbate tensions?
  • How do we influence outcomes as thoughtful advisors?
  • What is even possible given how quickly things are moving?

The conversation will be open and off the record. We will provide a platform for all of us to share our own concerns, expectations, and experiences.

Participation is free to members and friends of the EACD.  However, we are asking everyone to consider a donation of either €10, €25, or €50 which we will pass through 100% to the International Red Cross to help with relief efforts.