Businesses today exist in a tight spot between two challenging trends: on the one hand, a constantly-multiplying and increasingly-demanding stakeholder universe; on the other hand, consistently shrinking differentiation and trust. Under such circumstances, how can companies stand out and secure both success and respect?

Join Shahar Silbershatz, CEO of Copenhagen-based Caliber, who will lead a workshop on Corporate Character – where brand, reputation and behavior meet. Caliber believes that traditional methods of corporate branding and reputation management are no longer sufficient to navigate a world in which the role of business is changing dramatically. Instead companies should focus on building strong and lasting character that wins trust and affection from their audiences. The workshop will include discussion, presentation and exercises to demonstrate how companies can do this effectively.

About Shahar Silbershatz

As CEO of Caliber Shahar helps his clients build strong and lasting corporate character through providing a mix of strategic consulting and stakeholder insight. He has over 20 years of experience working at leading consultancies such as Mitchell Madison Group in New York, Sigel & Gale in London and Reputation Institute in Copenhagen, advising some of the world’s largest companies in the areas of marketing, communications, business strategy and stakeholder relations.

This coaching day is open to in-house communicators and is free of charge compliments of the EACD, SIPRI and Caliber. The event will be held in English and is limited to 30 people.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]