EACD Regional Coordinators Nanne Bos (ING) and Frank Körver (Wepublic) are delighted to invite you to this upcoming EACD event in Amsterdam in cooperation.

Thursday, 8 November 2018. Daybreak meeting: Executive Loneliness and practical implications for Communication Directors.

According to media reports and management literature, executive loneliness troubles many successful top executives.  Although there are many references in popular media to the estrangement of leaders as a result of their business dealings, researchers have given little attention to the topic. As part of his Executive Masters programme in Change at INSEAD, Nanne Bos did a phenomenological study into the psychodynamic effects of executive loneliness. In this presentation he will present the main findings of his research and bridge it to the implications of the communications professional.

This roundtable is especially relevant for communication directors who function as advisor to the board. Due to the limited amount of spaces, members will be prioritised. Non-members will be charged a fee of €75 (Maximum amount of attendees: 10).

We look forward to an insightful discussion. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact [email protected]