The EACD Dialogue is hosted by TCS France.

Join the discussion with our speakers on:

  • Are ESG metrics a valuable tool to drive meaningful transformation?
  • Is creating an inspiring narrative contributing to the business strategy or could greenwashing happen due to the role we take as communication leaders?
  • How can – and should – we be more relevant and strategic?

After the panel dialogue, we will gather on the top floor — with spectacular, sweeping views of Paris — for further conversation over drinks and canapés.

Meet the speakers

David Fell, researcher, presenter and writer in the field of sustainability. He is director and co-founder of Brook Lyndhurst Ltd.

David is a researcher, presenter and writer in the field of sustainability. He is director and co- founder of Brook Lyndhurst Ltd, an independent consultancy which has, since 1999, specialised in social science research into questions of sustainability and behaviour change.

Trained as an economist, he has more than 30 years’ experience of working with clients from commercial, third and government sectors on issues including transport, waste, health, energy, regeneration and food. He is especially concerned with the means by which more sustainable behaviours diffuse through organisations and society.

He has particular expertise in food: his work has included exploring public understanding of novel food technologies; tackling food poverty; investigating public attitudes towards animal welfare; addressing food waste; and developing the London Food Strategy. His book ‘Bad Habits, Hard Choices’ sets out the case for Smart VAT as a solution to the UK’s obesity crisis.

Josep Catlla, SVP, Head of Corporate Affairs, Communications and CSR, Sanofi

Spanish by birth, Parisian by heart. Josep enjoys engaging into conversations around health care with all those who work with and for patients around the world. Inspired by the constant chasing of the miracles of science that our scientists pursue every day, he works to engage on a dialogue between Sanofians and orchestrates the voice of Sanofi to all our key partners externally. He is committed to champion Sanofi’s longstanding commitment to society through 3 major initiatives in parallel – our CSR strategy, our social business model (GHU) and a philanthropic strategy driven by our Foundation.

Josep worked in the European Commission in Brussels in the early 1990s. He then took on the Communication department for the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) and, finally he worked at the Cabinet of the President of the EU Committee of the Regions (Pasqual Maragall 1996 – 1998). In 1998 he went back to Spain as the Director of Communication at Forum de las Culturas Barcelona-2004, a partnership between the Spanish government and the UNESCO. In 2001 he joined Weber Shandwick, one of the world’s leading PR agencies, where he served as CEO for Weber Shandwick Brussels – chairing its European Public Affairs Practice, and afterwards as CEO for Weber Shandwick Spain & Portugal until mid-2010. He then joined Sanofi where he has had a successful career starting at the country level and then progressing to region Europe. In 2015, he was appointed Global Head of Public Affairs and in January 2018, was appointed Head of Global Communications for the Company. In February 2020, he was promoted to Head of Corporate Affairs, responsible for the Group’s Communications, Public Affairs and CSR departments.

Eugenio Sergio Longo, Sustainability Director, TCS Europe.

Eugenio Longo is the Sustainability Director at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Europe. In his role, Eugenio leads the TCS European Sustainability Strategy definition and implementation, and provides steering and governance to help the Europe’s Management team to define clear and actionable goals and targets.

Prior to TCS, he was the head of Sustainability and EU Affairs in the Strategy and Group Development team of Borealis, where he developed a sustainability strategy focusing on Energy and Climate, the Circular Economy, Health and Safety, Sustainable Finance and Industrial Policy.

Eugenio is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the Circular Economy and in policy shaping to advance sustainability-driven business models at corporate, industry, regional and global level. He played a key role in shaping and advancing Borealis’ Circular Economy (CE) strategy and supporting the development of the EU Strategy on Plastics.

Chiel Rietvelt, CFO, TotalEnergies Corbion

Chiel Rietvelt is a finance expert who has been driving change for companies and businesses. With his finance expertise, he has led investor relations and change processes in family owned as well as listed companies. He considers that meeting basing human needs of growing populations, requires excellence and focus on combining sustainability, circularity and market competitiveness.

After many years working mainly in the traditional oil and chemical industry, where the returns were earned on the back of exploring the nature’s resources, Chiel Rietvelt decided to change his focus and apply his knowledge to contribute to a scale up business that was much more linked to providing new and nexgen solutions to one of the world biggest problems: plastics.

Expert in governance, Chiel has been Board Treasurer for the Foundation Connect International, supporting low cost aid solutions for water systems in Africa. Currently, he is the Chief Financial Officer for TotalEnergies Corbion, a joint venture that produces, reusable, recyclable and compostable bioplastic made of sugarcane. He promotes sustainability and capital intensive business models, which are based on the fundamentals of being a responsible member of society and taking care of the environment. Truly contributing to the planet and the next generations is worthwhile investing in.

EACD Wallage Inge

Inge Wallage, EACD Board member and Director of Communications & Marketing at Wageningen University & Research. Moderator

Inge Wallage is a communications & marketing leader, and change maker. She pursued an international career, initially in the private sector before making the leap from the oil industry to environmental campaigning. That move sustained her continuous drive to contribute to a better world; a green and peaceful one. In her current role at Wageningen University & Research she continues this quest. Inge has worked across all areas of communications/marketing. She held various in-house and agency roles, like the International Water Association, Greenpeace International, Statoil, Philips Electronics, Motorola and Burson-Marsteller. Based in The Netherlands, she has lived and worked in London, Norway and Bangkok. Inge is devoted to ‘three As’ in her work: authenticity, accountability and audacity, it challenges any organisational and business strategy. Convinced by the need that listening and dialogue is fundamental in negotiating our future, she works according to the philosophy and (Lewis) method of Deep Democracy and intuitive systemic coaching. Inge is driven by the idea that “story will change systems”. She is writing poetry and working on a novel.

During this event we will explore the challenges and opportunities that ESG, Sustainability and Impact put to our profession.

The role of Communication Directors can be key in facilitating organizational transformation, after all we are key guardians of corporate reputation and pivotal in stakeholder engagement.

The EACD Dialogue will open with a thought provoking address by our keynote speaker on the impact economy, what is needed and whether it is realistic. Following the keynote, we will have contributions by and reactions from TCS and more. The dialogue will then turn to the audience to broaden the conversation and debate with all present.

“ESG” describes a set of environmental, social and governance factors used to evaluate a company’s impact beyond traditional financial measures. Initially targeting the investment community, ESG metrics are now an opportunity to create and measure shared value in the new era of stakeholder capitalism that go well beyond the financial community.

Impact is broad, intersectional and complex. Within environmental impact, climate change is just one aspect. Similarly, social impact refers to human rights, diversity and inclusion, and so much more. And when looking at governance, we need to explore who is leading change within an organization and how progress is communicated beyond compliance, with transparency, and ethics.

Join us in Paris, France on Thursday 16 June
17:30 CET for the

EACD Dialogue
The Impact Economy and the Role of Communicators as Leaders. 

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EACD Dialogue | The Impact Economy and the Role of Communicators as Leaders