The EACD invites you to our upcoming Regional Debate in Austria which will take place on March 17 2015 from 18.30 to 20.30 in Vienna. The topic of the debate will be “Communicating an international event” and will feature an expert talk and a best case discussion about the European Forum Alpbach.

The European Forum Alpbach is an annual interdisciplinary international conference with a 70-year history at the forefront of political, scientific and economic thinking in Europe. The venue is situated in a beautiful location in the Alps of Austria. The organisers believe that creating a profound dialogue between high-profile experts from academia, business and civil society and the young generation is vital for the development of our societies. More than 4000 participants from over 60 nations attend this international interdisciplinary conference annually to discuss the most pressing societal issues of today in an informal, yet intellectually demanding atmosphere. This dialogue sets the European Forum Alpbach apart from other events. Alpbach has welcomed speakers as diverse as Sir Karl Popper, Indira Gandhi, Jacques Delors and, more recently, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso. In the past, they have had the honour of welcoming to the Forum high-ranking speakers such as Nobelprize laureate Rajendra Pachauri and Jeffrey Sachs, who honoured us with an extended stay at the Forum 2013 and a number of inspiring talks. Please visit website for further information on the history, the renowned speakers and the multi-faceted events and programmes. On the Flickr account, you can find a number of photographs that will give you an impression of the unique atmosphere of the European Forum Alpbach. The next annual European Forum Alpbach 2015: “InEquality”, 19.08.-04.09.2015.

We will discuss questions such as:
·         How to communicate The European Forum Alpbach successfully?
·         The Use of Social Media
·         Open Discussion among experts

We are looking forward to welcoming our speakers:
Philippe Narval, Managing Director/Geschäftsführer at European Forum Alpbach/Europäisches Forum Alpbach
Michael H. Hlava, Regional Coordinator EACD Austria, Head of Corporate and Marketing Communications AIT Austrian Institute of Technology (Co-Organizer of Alpach Technology Symposium)
Martha Bousek, Regional Coordinator EACD Austria, Corporate Communications & Public Affairs GlaxoSmithKline Pharma
Martin Bernhofer, Head, Science Department, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) – Programme Radio 1, Vienna

The event will be held at Franz Josefs Kai 13/10, 1010 Vienna – Austria. This debate is free of charge, compliments of the EACD. Should you have and questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]. We are looking forward to meeting you at our debate!