The EACD is happy to invite you to our upcoming Regional Debate in Gothenburg on May 5, which will be co-hosted by Helen Jansson, Communications Director at SSPA.

Today, efficient communication is widely regarded as a key strategic element in creating alignment and reaching goals. Any organization, whether it is private, public or a non-government organization, depends on effective communication in order to compete and fulfill its obligations towards customers, shareholders and other stakeholders. Leader’s ability to engage and communicate efficiently with their employees plays a critical role for sustaining profitability and success.


Fredrik Ivarsson, Communications Director at Volvo
Fredrik Ivarsson has in the past 10 years held several leading positions within the communications area at Volvo Group. He has worked as a Communications Director, been the director of corporate culture and communicative leadership at Group Trucks Operations (GTO). His current position is Communications Director for Logistics Services EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa).
Fredrik will share his experience and tell us more about Volvo Group´s focus on communication skills and the company´s successful programme for communicative leadership.

Johan Book, internal communications specialist
Johan is an experienced communications professional with a clear focus on change management, strategy and goal orientation. Through surveys and interviews he provides organizations with valuable facts about change processes and strategy alignment. Johan´s main experience comes from leading positions within the Lantmännen Group, which is Sweden´s largest agricultural enterprise. He will share his views on communicative leadership as a supportive tool for implementing strategies and reaching goals.

Helen Jansson, Communications Director at SSPA
In a global and fast changing shipping industry, communicative leadership is a powerful strategic tool both at sea and ashore. As Communications Director at SSPA, Helen Jansson plays a key role in implementing the company strategy for growth and knowledge visibility. She is also deeply involved in the development of the maritime collaboration tool and project organization Zero Vision Tool, which is an internationally recognized method for a safe and environmentally and energy efficient transports at sea.
Helen´s 18 years of experience as a strategic communicator include leading positions in the maritime, biometric and gaming industries. She will share her experience and take us onboard a complex global collaboration project requiring plenty of communicative leadership.

14:30 –14.40 Welcome & Introduction: Helen Jansson & Claus Grue
14:40 –15:10 Presentation: Fredrik Ivarsson
15:10 –15:40 Presentation: Johan Book
15:40 –16:10 Presentation: Helen Jansson
16:10 –16:30 Discussion

Presentations and discussions will be held in Swedish and moderated by EACD’s regional coordinator Claus Grue.
As usual this event will be free of charge, compliments of SSPA and the EACD.
Chalmers Tvärgata 10