The EACD is happy to invite you to our next Regional Debate in Portugal, which will take place on June 2nd 2015 from 16:30 to 19:30 at Hotel Altis Lisboa.

The topic of “Luxury Communications: Creative, Effective, Innovative, Communicative | A roadmap to communication strategy transformation of people’s experience, self perception and feeling from ordinary into extraordinary”

The term “luxury” is commonly used in many brand strategies nowadays – but what does it stand for? How can the real value of luxury brands be identified and applied in the right way? With a high influence on a person’s reception as well as behaviour towards a brand and product, the term “luxury”  has an impact on consumer behaviour. In that sense, the debate explores the field of “luxury communications” and will provide a platform to exchange thoughts and gain valuable insights into the creative and innovative aspect of “luxury communications” through our speakers.

We are happy to introduce the following speakers:

Ruben Paula, the General Manager of Altis Grand Hotel, Altis Prime and Altis Suites. has developed his career in the tourism industry, where he worked for Sonae Turismo and Vila Galé. Msc in International Hotel Management by University of Surrey he is also a teacher at Estoril and Lisbon Hotel School in areas such as Hotel Development, Marketing and Public Relations and Branding.

He will present “How to reposition a Hotel – case study Altis Grand Hotel”. Renovating a hotel is not only its furniture, lobby, rooms or public areas, there is the need to have people aware of this change. The brand has to be renovated as well and strong communication strategies have to be taken in order to reenergize the brand and target the current and future segments.

Misha Pinkhasov, co-author of Real Luxury: How Luxury Brands Can Create Value for the Long Term. He has worked in international communications, public policy, financial markets, branding and media for more than 16 years, including at the OECD, as an editor of fashion and lifestyle magazines in the U.S. and Europe, and as a consultant for luxury brands. Misha holds an MBA in International Luxury Brand Management from ESSEC Business School, Paris and a Bachelor’s in Consumer Economics from Cornell University, New York.

He will explore the topic of  “Luxury in Society: A Question of Leadership”. With “luxury” now used to label everything from caviar to cookies, how can we understand the real value of luxury brands beyond their familiar claims to heritage, craftsmanship and customer service? Faced with savvier, more exigent consumers, what can luxury brands do to respond to the growing demand for meaningful and responsible products? Luxury has an outsized influence on the way people think and act. It can encourage and promote the highest standards of design, production, communication and behavior. By turning their universe of conspicuous consumption into one of intelligent demand, luxury brands can once again make the true meaning of luxury core to their business.

Fernando Pinto Bessa, General Manager AIR FRANCE KLM Portugal, has more than 25 years of experience in managing multinational companies in the areas of general management, marketing and sales services. In his long career, including six years as KLM General Manager for Spain and Portugal, advocates the creation of cohesive teams able to achieve their goals, using structured but sufficiently flexible methods to meet the ever-changing and always grounded in a group ethical values. The activity in the areas of management, marketing and sales are underpinned by executive training at IMD Business School in Lausanne and at the Wharton School / University of Pennsylvania.

Fernando will present the topic of  “Redefining the Art of Travel to offer a Unique Experience”. The vision of travel by Air France stems from the mission that we have assigned: to provide our customers with the best travel experience possible thanks to attentive service and high-quality products. We have inspired our communication and marketing actions in three values: Caring, High Quality and Pleasure. The Pleasure, a value linked also to luxury. That we outline by the pleasure to serve, the pleasure to choose, the pleasure to innovate, the pleasure to discover. Pleasure of sharing the very best of France, delicious and elegant, where hosting is an art. It’s also the pleasure of sharing.

Nuno Duarte Lopes, CEO of The Luxury Network, comes from an Artistic background, he started his career 20 years ago as a professional choreographer, working with top national and international known artists and projects! Studying to become an Opera Singer in the National Conservatoire of Lisbon, Nuno lived in Ibiza for three years where he was the main soloist of the Canventosa Eivissa Theater singing Opera. This experience built the connection to the Luxury World and the top Luxury Brands. He started studying the field of Marketing for luxury brands and service providers and helped luxury brands to internationalize their business abroad! Nuno was the creator of the The Luxury Network International internationalization platform, a very structured platform where brands can internationalize with less effort, bureaucracy, investment and being able to access pre-qualified HNW individuals of the top luxury brands in the country or region they choose to be!

Nuno will present “The Importance of Affinity Marketing & Partnerships between top Luxury Brands”. Affinity marketing is one of the most successful and powerful forms of new business development, enabling companies to interact with the right people in structured professional environments, dramatically increasing brand awareness and access to new pre-qualified high net-worth private clients. For nearly all luxury brands creating a successful affinity marketing programme from scratch is a very daunting task and typically requires considerable financial investment, a huge amount of time, pre-qualified director level contacts and a comprehensive activity plan. Platforms such as The Luxury Network will play an essential role in your company’s strategic business development as an extension of your current marketing division. Everyone you meet will become an ambassador for your brand and a potential new strategic partner. As a member of The Luxury Network we offer ongoing support and a comprehensive programme of Affinity Marketing activities designed to maximize your relationships with other luxury brands and generate a significant ROI.

Alexandra Cesário, Founder and CEO of Know Conciérge Services, has several years of experience in the field of marketing and communications. Being aware of the luxury of time and space and focusing on supporting business people who travel to Portugal, Alexandra founded Know Conciérge Services in 2012. Previous to that she was the Marketing and Communications Director for the Festival de Flamenco and worked internationally for companies such as Kofax, Mailprofiler Hispania, Real Media Brazil and Spain and Paradigm 3 Marketing in the USA. She holds degrees from the Catholic Portuguese University, University of California (UCSC), Instituto de Empresa and  ISCTE as well as an Etiquette and Protocol Certificate from th2 Consulting.

Alexandra will discuss the topic of “The new Luxury: Time and Space”. The sensorial longing in today’s world leads us to enjoy space around us in a way that allows us to escape a reality in which we are always-connected. This has led to a “going back to basics” trend that celebrates mindfulness and spiritual wellbeing. It is no longer, and not only about, wealth capacity but the intangibility of this new tendency of luxury that is much harder to define and achieve or make available. This is when the more widespread version of luxury – Extrovert Luxury for global markets – turns in my perspective into Introvert Luxury for exclusive markets.

Debate moderator: Catarina Vasques Rito, Fashion Journalist, is a professor at Escola Moda de Lisboa since 2012 and works as a freelance journalist holding several cooperations with magazines such as Portugese Soul Magazine, DSection Magazine, Diamond Magazine and Notícias Magazine. Previous to that she worked as a journalist for the daily newspaper Diário de Notícias and as the producer of the DNA Magazine of Diário de Notícias. Furthermore, she holds a degree in journalism and communications as well as a PhD in Fashion Design and has hosted five fashion workshops since 2011.


16:30 – 16:45 Registration and Welcome by Rui Martins

16:45 – 17:10 Ruben Paula, General Manager, Hotel Altis: How to reposition a Hotel – case study Altis Grand Hotel

17:10 – 17:30 Misha Pinkahsov: “Luxury in Society: A Question of Leadership”

17:30 – 17:50 Drinks & Networking time

17:50 – 18:15 Fernando Pinto Bessa: Redefining the Art of Travel to offer a Unique Experience

18:15 – 18:35 Nuno Duarte Lopes: The Luxury Network case study (The Importance of Affinity Marketing & Partnerships between top Luxury Brands )

18:35 – 18:55 Alexandra Cesário: The new Luxury: Time and Space

19:00 – 19:30 Final debate (including Q&As) moderated by Catarina Vasques Rito

The Event takes place on June 2nd from 16h30 to 19h30 and is kindly hosted at Hotel Altis, Room ROMA I, 1st first floor, Rue Castilho, 11, Lisboa.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our debate!