Mr. Cees van Riel (Erasmus University Rotterdam) is one of the leading thinkers in the field of reputation. He has done breakthrough research on reputation and his books and articles are being read all over the world. As co-founder of RepTrak Company he is also a well-known boardroom consultant and trusted advisor to many Chief Communication Officers.

In this online EACD event mr. Van Riel will share his assumptions about the mega trends that organizations will be facing in the coming decade and what this implies from a reputation management perspective.


His presentation will be focused on three interrelated topics:

  1. Which mega trends – distinguished in fear and hope – will be dominant in the coming decade?
  2. Which abilities and responsibilities will be key for organizations to build sustainable relations with five stakeholder groups (customers, investors, employees, governments and critics)? 
  3. What are the practical implications for communication professionals?


Mrs. Nanda Huizing, VP Corporate communication at Philips and mrs. Saskia Kapinga, VP Corporate Communication at Shell, will critically reflect on this presentation as a starting point for a further discussion with all participants in this EACD session.



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