Join us to explore questions around what really has happened to employee engagement in the age of Covid. Have organizations really become digitalized? What has all this remote work done to our ability to lead, communicate and interact?

Sut I Wong, PhD, is a Professor in Communication and Leadership at the Department of Communication and Culture at BI, read more link. She is also a Research Scientist at SINTEF Digital and an advisory board member for two tech start-ups. She will introduce the webinar with some reflections and resent research on how new ways of working remotely have changed expectations to both leadership and employees.

Assistant Professor Eliane Bucher is currently also a lecturer in Media- and Communications Management at the University of St. Gallen, read more here. Her current research interests center on digital labor practices and platforms. She will talk about how the rapid expansion of Teams, Slack, [email protected] etc. have changed the way we interact, and how these trends have been affected by the Covid-driven remote work.

Dervis Mansuroglu is a principal officer and a competency manager for a team of developers at the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration (NAV). He has a master’s degree in computer science and will share how new digital tools have affected a huge organization that also is in the midst of dealing with the consequences of the Covid pandemic with at times over 300 000 unemployed people seeking their help.

The session will be finalized by a panel discussion led by Cathrine Torp, EVP Communications and user experience at The Research Council of Norway, bringing in some empiric data from a high-competency organization now having a few months of remote work experience. This impacts both internal communication and employee engagement.

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