The EACD invites you to join this event, partnering with K1 and hosted at Kommunikation & Sprog discussing “How to communicate the Global Goals in an effective and relevant manner?”

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (the Global Goals) represent the most ambitious and most crucial plan the world has ever seen. It is increasingly clear to everyone that action is required and it needs to have support and in a large part driven by companies. It is not enough to point fingers at regulators, governments and the others. It is not enough to be placed on the sideline and carry on business as usual. It is certainly not enough not to know enough.

But then, what to do as a communicator, often times being used to legitimizing CSR-activities and peripheral professes. Now the time has come to let responsibility in to the strategy, the operations, the core of the companies. But how to do that? What should be the mindset and what could be relevant initial actions? Join the event and get a sense of urgency and a few tips and tricks.



Thomas Ravn-Pedersen is the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Verdens Bedste Nyheder (World’s Best News), an independent news organisation for constructive journalism and campaigns that reports on progress and sustainable solutions to challenges in global development. The work is based on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, which address some of the world’s biggest challenges, such as extreme poverty, global inequality and climate change. Also, Verdens Bedste Nyheder publishes verdensmå, which is sponsored by the Danish government as a pilot for how a national digital platform on the Global Goals can be rolled out globally. Thomas is a frontrunner and a leading expert in staging and communicating the Global Goals.




Karsten Kolding is a management advisor and consultant within social responsibility. Karsten possess years of experience from COOP, The Danish Consumer Council and The Danish Road Safety Council. Today, Karsten support organisations and companies with the important start-kit in order to get going within sustainability initiatives.






Kasper Westphal is Director Centres of Excellence, Corporate Communications at Rambøll. Kasper has many years of experience of working within the space of environment, energy and sustainable development and most recently has helped Rambøll report on the integration of the Global Goals in the core business. Kasper has a past in Operate and The Ministry of Environment & Food.





The three prominent and practical-oriented speakers will give presentations and share their thoughts in a “talk-show” style setting, answering and commenting on your questions. The working language will be English and moderated by Anders Monrad Rendtorff. You are then welcome to join the networking reception, hosed by Kommunikation & Sprog, afterwards.