The EACD is delighted to host a Regional Debate in collaboration with the Bulgarian Association for People Management.

Internal communication departments are working more closely than ever with HR. Together, the two departments can work to pursue mutual goals such as transforming corporate culture, communicating business initiatives, and improving employee engagement and motivation.

The first part of the debate will comprise a formal discussion between 2 PR and 2 HR professionals on these crossover points. Which internal communication strategies are successful and how can we evaluate the examples? Where is the balance between technology and personal approach in IC, organizational culture and corporate values, and employer branding?

The second part of the debate will allow participants to engage in an open discussion with all specialists. Together we will attempt to formulate some good principles of work in order to combine both HR and PR and get the best possible result for the organization.

Special thanks to EACD Member Elena Krasteva for providing the venue at Sopharma.

Our Regional Lead Vanya Babanin is looking forward to an engaging debate with participants. The working language is Bulgarian.

This event is free of charge compliments of the EACD, the Bulgarian Association for People Management, and Sopharma. We kindly request you to register to confirm your place.