The EACD is happy to announce the upcoming Coaching Day in cooperation with VIM Group which will take place in Frankfurt am Main on April 19th.

The EACD offers coaching days, whereby qualified speakers offer an intensive two- or three-hour training session, in the form workshops, for communicators interested in learning in depth about a particular aspect of communications.

Our next Coaching Day will be about “Improving customer and brand experience – how to do it?”

Most knowledge sharing nowadays around customer & brand experience is about the Why and the What. The hard part though is for communication- and brand-directors to bring this to life with all stakeholders across touch points and channels. During this coaching day, we’ll be sharing best practice, and we’ll be training how we can make these things come to life within our organisations – omni channel.

We look forward to welcoming our coaches:

Marc Cloosterman is CEO of VIM Group, the independent brand implementation consultancy with offices in London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. During the last two decades he’s advised directors and senior executives on how to bring brands to life across all touch points & channels, and how to deliver omni channel brand promise. Marc is founder of the working group Brand Leadership within the EACD. He has written a number of articles and is a regular speaker. Clients include a variety of BtoB and BtoC clients – amongst others –  Deloitte, Magrabi, SKODA, Merck KgaA, Deutsche Telekom, Airbus Group, DSM, ING Group, Medtronic, TUI, Air France-KLM, IKEA, Rentokil-Initial, Julius Baer bank and Danfoss.

Günther Misof is Managing Partner of VIM Group Germany. He is considered one of the founding fathers of the category of “brand implementation”, he is co-author of the book “Brand Implementation”, and he has published numerous articles on efficient Brand Management. For more than thirty years, he has been consulting companies about all areas of brand management; for the last ten years, most notably on the organisational aspects of Brand Management. Günther has a strong background in photography and a high affinity for branding and design and his keen eye for detail continues to serve him well.

Please note that our Coaching Days are limited to 20 participants to ensure a serious working atmosphere. Participants can expect to gain practical advice that can be implemented directly, involvement in the session and a concentrated group interaction that goes beyond a simple Q&A session.

The Coaching Day will take place at the conference room (5th floor) of the Frankfurter Rotkreuz-Kliniken e.V., Klinik Rotes Kreuz, Königswarterstr. 16, 60316 Frankfurt am Main – Germany. The event will be free of charge compliments to the EACD, VIM Group and Frankfurter Rotkreuz-Kliniken e.V.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to an engaging Coaching Day with our partner VIM Group! If you do have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].