We are pleased to invite you to our next EACD NL event.


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and his team have achieved what many believed to be impossible. Since he took the helm in 2014, he and his employees at Microsoft have completely reversed the company’s trajectory and built a company that today is more valuable than Apple. Microsoft’s turnaround was beautifully executed. How did they do it and what can we learn from a leadership and communications point of view?


This online event will be held on Thursday 5 November, 09.30 – 11.00 hrs.
Registration is now closed. 


During the online event you will learn more about:

  • Microsoft’s impressive turnaround & take-outs
  • CEO Satya Nadella’s vision and the role of communications
  • Microsoft’s use of modern technology to engage employees and drive change


Offering his inside information on this topic is Mr. Joris Haverkort, Director of Microsoft’s Experience Center.