How KFC Turned a Logistics Disaster into a Crisis Communication Triumph

In February 2018, KFC hit an issue in the UK – a BIG issue. Following a change of logistics partner and a major road accident near that partner’s warehouse, the QSR giant started running short of chicken. Over two thirds of its locations nationwide were closed for up to a week. Customers were not happy. The brand’s communication reaction was, frankly, radical and revolutionary. KFC responded with humility, humour and heart, radically subverting its own brand and leading with the s-word – SORRY. Combining below-, through- and above-the-line activity – and with a heavy emphasis on social – KFC delivered a response which set a new benchmark in crisis communication.

Jenny Packwood, KFC’s Director of Responsibility and Reputation, UK & Ireland, will explore KFC’s strategy and execution. From the original campaign and content creation to channel selection and measurement, Jenny will re-live the unfolding story and its unexpectedly positive impact on the KFC brand. She’ll then be joined for a ‘Greek chorus’ critique from two seasoned communicators: Nina Arnott Rogers, Head of Communications & Corporate Affairs at Domino’s Pizza Group (formerly of McDonalds, Yum! Brands and GSK) and Sam Fulton, Group Director Corporate Affairs at Nomad Foods (formerly Apple, Unilever, McDonald’s and Nestlé).


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