The Promise of Data
How to leverage data and analytics to enhance corporate relations leadership and influence and better understand the impact of the function

The availability of data, along with the expectation of better data informed decision making in corporate relations, is putting pressure on the function to gather and interpret relevant insights from various sources. Join us in this timely discussion about measurement, brand and reputation insights and corporate relations KPIs.

We will hear from our panellists who include Nick Helsby (CEO of corporate relations headhunting and consulting firm, Watson Helsby), who will share insights on data and measurement from his roundtables with over 25 FTSE100 corporate affairs leaders, Ed Petter (Group Corporate Affairs Director at BT) and Simona Radu (Head of Global Marketing Communications at Schneider Electric) will share their key insights and reflections on this topic. We welcome our members and other senior corporate relations and communications practitioners to join the conversation.

  • Ed Petter, Group Corporate Affairs Director, BT
  • Simona Radu, Head of Global Marketing Communications, Schneider Electric
  • Nick Helsby, CEO of Watson Helsby

Moderator: Dennis Larsen, EACD Board Member