In a few short weeks, the Covid-19 crisis has achieved the total digital transformation of the way we work that had long been prophesised but barely begun. With video-conferencing now taking centre stage in our working and personal lives, what are the long-term cultural implications for how we communicate and collaborate?

How do we build culture through technology and what is the promise and reality of CommTech and AI-enabled solutions? Will the end of the crisis see a return to bricks-and-mortar office working and practices, or will the digital revolution lead to a permanent mindshift?

This week’s EACD webinar, in partnership with Cisco Systems and BI Norwegian Business School (BI’s newly launched Nordic Alliance for Communication and Management), sets out to explore these questions with leading researchers and industry practitioners.

Facilitated by Dennis Larsen of the EACD’s Norwegian country chapter, the discussion will begin with the latest research findings from Professors Alexander Buhmann, Gillian Warner-Søderholm and Sut I Wong, among others.

A leading CommTech light, Sandeep Mehra, Vice President & General Manager – Webex Devices & Telepresence at Cisco Systems, then shares his view on the future of work and the rapidly evolving role of technology in driving culture and enabling successful collaboration.