As the working environment continues to evolve, so must organizations and the communications professionals who work in them. New challenges are in front of internal communicators, dealing with new generations’ expectations and the continuous, quick evolution of the corporate culture within organizations.
To answer the question of what is in the future of the internal communications function, EACD and Sella will host an EACD Regional event in Milano (Italy) with a panel of senior Communications and HR leaders who will contribute to fueling the debate.
The panel discussion includes the following speakers:


–          Marco Magli, Regional Coordinator for Italy at EACD

–          Eugenio Lanzetta, Head of Internal Communications at Sella

–          Alessandra Teruggi, Internal Communication Manager at Vodafone 

–          Enrico Bocedi, Corporate Communications Director at Campari Group


The event is free of charge. Registration is mandatory. Due to the limited number of available seats, EACD members will have priority access.

Opening doors & registrations: 17.45

Starting time: 18.15

Join the panel debate and our networking session!

If you would like to register, please email: [email protected]

Location on a map: link