By Nicole Gorfer

First thing I did this morning was listening to a @McKinsey podcast over coffee. Really?! Normally not my cup of tea in a weekend … BUT this one was about something dear to my heart: #Purpose and the Search for Purpose at Work.

I believe purpose to be “the one thing” that made a difference in #EmployeeEngagement during this pandemic. So interesting to see that #McKinsey found, through their research, that nearly seven out of ten employees are reflecting on their purpose because of COVID-19. And that a company can help an employee most in helping them figure out what their purpose actually is.

YES, there is a business case behind purpose, too (otherwise, why would McKinsey look into this): In their own words, employees who live their purpose at work are 6,5x more resilient 4x healthier, 6x more likely to stay at the company, and 1.5x more likely to go above and beyond to make their company successful.

And while we all have agency to decide what our own purpose or North Star is, an organization can (and should) be a conduit by making purpose visible in a credible, authentic, honest way – making it easier for an employee to connect, identify, align and “be on purpose”. Be careful, though, as this goes both ways. If you’re aligned on purpose (your own and the company’s) and believe your company stands for one thing and this belief is violated … significant detrimental effects on willingness to stay, being engaged, involved or to perform are the outcome.

So purpose is intrinsically connected with responsibility in the workplace today. By understanding that, what a unique opportunity for organisations to make a difference …

PS: McKinsey’s @NainaDhingra says these 2 questions can help reflecting on your own purpose:

“When did I feel most alive today? When did I feel most drained?”

Do this over a 30 day period and some interesting insights will follow. Enjoy!

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