By Yuliya Matvyeyeva

  1. Be local

Last year there were many changes regarding how people consume information, what they care about and are involved in. And it will continue in 2022, local and regional media will continue to grow as a relevant source of information for people and businesses.

Regional media outreach should be a priority for any PR team.

  1. Be global

The internet space is one of the channels for a PR campaign, it’s a social media digital environment in general.

This is also an opportunity for PR teams at brand headquarters to pay attention and hire local PR agencies or personnel to global brand marketing policy to cross-cultural differences.

  1. Be Human

In the Age of Digital and Covid-19 restrictions on face-to-face contact, people are also still looking for more in-person interactions. Think about personal contact with journalists rather than mass emailing your press releases.

Whether you’re looking to get quality leads or reach a broader audience, working with the media is a great strategy in the information environment.

Marketers and PR professionals and journalists must continue to work together to gain the public’s trust.

The media industry is facing new challenges at an unprecedented rate. These challenges and tasks affect journalists and the Public Relations and Communications professionals who work directly with them.

As this relationship is becoming more valuable to both sides than ever before, we need to recognize how we can make life easier for journalists by creating more targeted and effective presentations tailored to the needs of the target audience.

  1. Be responsible

Environmental. Social. Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility trends will also play an increasingly important role when we talk about a brand, whether it’s a CEO personally or about products or services.

As companies in all industries must pay attention to governance, inclusion and the environment, PR professionals must monitor all trends and incorporate them into culture and brand building.

Customers’ buying decisions are increasingly shaped by how an organization behaves and what it says. Some brands and companies are trying to take advantage of this with green deal communications.

Customers are intelligent. They demand social proof of such statements. Those who give verbal statements about their commitment to sustainability and social impact will pay the price if there is no such evidence.

Include reporting and media coverage of your ESG and CSR initiatives and results in your communications plans.

  1. Be Pro

All PR work should be tied to specific business goals, not just writing a press release or articles. That’s what journalists and copywriters are for.

PR helps companies raise awareness of future investors and partners, anticipate crises and work with reputations, foresee which news can be a catalyst for additional negative influences and lead to negative brand perception and stop sales.

PR pros together with HR develop talent and attracts new employees, turn existing employees into brand ambassadors, and help management communicate the mission and goals to employees.

Customers aren’t interested in your creativity, and the egos of marketing and PR teams must die. It’s all about results. Creativity is highly valued, but no one needs it without a clear and understandable strategy, responsibility and the ability to work with high productivity to achieve business goals, not just to promote their brilliant ideas of PR teams.

Most importantly, Be yourself and do your job perfectly at all times!


Yuliya Matvyeyeva

EACD Member

PR and Marketing Communications professional