As part of the EACD’s digital transformation programme, we have scheduled a regular series of online presentations and dialogues in three formats:

  1. Keynotes – for speakers scheduled to participate in the Annual Summit
  2. Conferences – for panel debates with academia, industry and other practitioners
  3. Dialogues – an opportunity for EACD members to join the wider discussion and explore issues raised by previous online Keynotes or Conferences in more detail.

Access to this programme is for members-only. 

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Friday 26 June, 2020, 12.30 CET: Corporate Affairs – Rising to the Challenge“

What makes sense today may not make sense tomorrow”. In these turbulent and uncertain times leadership is at a premium at every level. Especially in the context of 2020’s global events, we cannot think about enterprise leadership without considering both the effect of rapid change and the power of initiating and sustaining necessary systemic change in organisations. Join us for a keynote and panel discussion on:

  • The evolving role of the Corporate Affairs Officer and the need for enterprise leadership
  • Leading through a crisis like Covid-19 and beyond
  • Why Purpose driven leadership, resilience and culture matter
  • Adaptive leadership, guiding the organisation through change
  • The Corporate Affairs Leadership Institute

Andrew Lowe, Partner and Head of Corporate Affairs for EMEA, Korn Ferry

Katherine Semler, Partner, Leadership Development, EMEA, Korn Ferry


Postponed: Keynote – From the Green Party to the Green Deal: Policy in Action -new date coming soon


Other topics in the series (dates to be confirmed shortly)

  • Internal Communications: Changing of the workplace – Culture change for employee communication
  • Reputation Risk: Study on Culture and the Interplay with Reputation and Risk
  • Leadership and the Corporate Affairs Leadership Institute programme (CALI) – 26 June 2020
  • Meet the new EACD Board – 3 July 2020 [Virtual General Assembly will be held on 30 June @ 16.00 CET]


Previous webinars


If you missed any of the previous talks in the series and are a EACD member, can still read the articles and access downloads.

Friday, 5 June, 15.00 CET: Keynote – Beyond the Horizon – Leading the change to a new sustainable future

Presentation by Ryan O’Keeffe, Managing Director, BlackRock

Recording is not available for this webinar, but a summary will be available soon.

Friday, 29 May, 12.30 CET: Conference – European Communication Monitor (ECM) 2020 – launch of the latest annual edition, presented by Prof Ralph Tench of Leeds Beckett University (UK) with guest commentators from different fields of practice, on behalf of the European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA) and the EACD, with the support of Cision Insights and Funk & Fuchs. Over 2,300 respondents in 44 countries shared their insights.

The EACD and the European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA) jointly launched the 2020 edition of the European Communication Monitor (ECM) in an online panel discussion on Friday 29 May.

The key findings, which were drawn from over 2,300 respondents in 44 countries, covered a wide range of issues from cyber security, business and data competencies, ethical challenges related to digital communications and gender issues.

The results were presented by Prof Ralph Tench of Leeds Beckett University (UK) in conversation with guest commentators from different fields of practice, and with the support of Cision Insights and Funk & Fuchs.

The speakers were:

  • Angela Howarth (EACD) – Host/moderator
  • Prof Ralph Tench – Presentation of ECM 2020 findings (ECM Team)
  • Alexandra Gross (Fink and Fuchs) on Competencies
  • Thomas Leitner (Cision) on Cyber Security
  • Zaida España (Arup) on Ethics (and Cyber Security)

A lively session can be viewed back: click here.

Report is available online. Additional articles and work on the findings will be shared over the next months in the newsletter and online edition of Communication Director.


Friday, 15 May, 12.00 CET: Keynote – 360º Transformation: How Ørsted went from being a fossil fuel company to the world’s most sustainable energy supplier

Presentation by Jakob Askou Bøss, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Stakeholder Relations, Ørsted

View recording here

Friday, 8 May: Dialogue on insights from the webinar on Changing Culture and Climate: the role of CommTech and AI.

The Conference on 16 April raised many questions from cultural appropriateness and the importance of personality in organisations to how to interpret social cues and body language when remote working, who should be doing the talking when culture dictates communication, and what builds trust in an organisation? These and other insights were explored in more detail in the EACD Dialogue facilitated by Dennis Larsen and Inge Wallage.

Catch up on the Dialogue discussion



16 April – Conference: Changing Culture and Climate: the role of CommTech and AI



27 March – Keynote: Communication in an age of COVID-19 – What can we learn from existing data?

Includes reflections on the ‘Building a Culture of Purpose’ study.


10 April – Dialogue: A members’ conversation on the issues raised in the webinar